Cool Tricks in Windows 11 You Might Not Know About

Alex White

Welcome to our guide on the hidden gems of Windows 11! If you've recently upgraded or are thinking about it, you're in for some surprises. Windows 11 is more than just a fresh coat of paint; it's packed with features that many don't talk about. From chatting with your PC to discovering hidden menus, we'll show you what's new and cool. Let's dive in!

Say Hello to Voice Typing

First up, the feature that'll make you go "wow" - voice typing. It's super easy to start; just press the Windows key + H, and you're off! The best part? It understands Russian and even gets your punctuation right.

I've tested voice typing across various devices, and while sometimes it acts up, saying it doesn't support the system language, with a little patience, you'll get it working. And yes, it checks your spelling too!

Ever get tired of typing? This feature has got your back with text and spelling suggestions. Use the up arrow to pick a word. And for the emoji lovers, press Win + ; to bring up a world of emojis and GIFs.

Got a lot on your clipboard? Win + V opens up a clipboard history, holding not just text and links but pictures too.

Handy Hotkeys

Windows 11 is all about shortcuts:

Supercharge Your Workflow with Power Toys

Next, let's explore Power Toys, a suite of utilities that Microsoft has been developing since Windows 95. Each tool in Power Toys is crafted by different Microsoft employees, adding a personal touch.

Windows 11 brings updates and new additions to Power Toys. Create custom window layouts to keep your work organized, whether you're juggling social media accounts or playing online poker with multiple tables.

Ever lose your mouse cursor? Hit Control twice, and you'll find it in no time. Plus, there are hotkey tips and a search feature similar to MacOS's (Alt + spacebar).

Fresh Settings and Features

The settings menu got a makeover, making it easier to navigate. New to the camera settings are brightness and contrast adjustments for each connected camera - no extra software needed.

Create Guides with Steps Recorder

The Steps Recorder is a standout for making tutorials. It started as a debugging tool, but it's perfect for capturing step-by-step instructions. Surprisingly, it runs smoothly even on budget-friendly laptops, handling demanding programs like Adobe Premiere Pro without a hitch.

Updated Context Menu and More

The context menu now features icons for copy and paste, and you can copy file paths directly. There's a Sandbox for safely running suspicious files, and taking screenshots is easier with Win + Shift + S. Sticky Notes organizes your reminders, and the Start menu has a nifty alphabetized app list for quick access.

But the crown jewel? A secret Start menu. Right-click on the Start icon for instant access to key functions and settings.


We've just scratched the surface of what Windows 11 has to offer. And We can offer you cheap windows 11 product key to purchase in our store. With these features, your PC isn't just a tool; it's a partner in your digital journey. Give them a try and see how they can streamline your day. Happy exploring!