Windows 10 Professional Retail Version

Buy Windows 10 Pro licence key from AccWorld store. Windows 10 Pro is a old but stable operating system developed by Microsoft for businesses and professional users. The new system will work on classic devices such as laptops and PCs and also newer devices such as compatible tablets. 

You can easily audit the operating system market and verify the widespread popularity of Windows 10 Pro. Ordinary users, professionals, and the expert community agree with the high level of software quality. Everyone positively assessed the compatibility with any computer equipment and wide functionality.

The new product is devoid of the problems of its predecessors, since thorough testing helped to identify all minor problems and eliminate them. After entering the market, in practice everyone was convinced that there were no problems during operation. The operating system pleases with its versatility, since it is suitable for use on desktops, on more powerful gaming laptops, on compact netbooks and others. The list of all features and their extensions is quite extensive, so if necessary, you can study them in the accompanying documentation. The developers ensure constant updating of the product, guarantee of fulfillment of existing and future tasks, and constant support of the program.

Windows 10 Professional does not have any restrictions that could complicate collaboration with programs from other developers. But there is a point that needs to be kept in mind - the general system requirements for the processing power of your device.

To activate the operating system, you need a key, authorization is quite fast, and you can fully use all the features of the program. With its help, you can process texts, videos and photo files; it can handle work of any size. All characteristics and capabilities meet the requirements of a user of any level.

Of all similar software, in terms of price-quality ratio, its “stuffing” and a wide range of capabilities, Windows 10 Professional is worthy of your attention.

New Features

Windows 10 Pro offers users business functions including Domain Join, Group Policy Management, BitLocker, Remote Desktop, EMIE (Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer), Assigned Access 8.1, and a Hyper-V Client. Not only that but this operating system also contains new universal programs and features:

The usual programs such as a calendar, mail, photos, videos, and, music are included. As well as the new DirectX 12 graphics program. Windows 10 Pro also gives users the option to join the Azure Active Directory. This is a cloud-based directory and identity management service. With a one-time registration, users can also have access to a variety of Cloud-SaaS-applications including Concur, Office 365, and DropBox.

Updated functions

The Start Menu has been redesigned so now it offers a tiled area where each tile can be set up to have an individual function. This operating system also has a new function that allows multiple virtual desktops to be set up for different purposes. Windows 10 Pro also offers access to the Business Store.