Easy Guide: What's New in Windows 11 version 22H2 release

Welcome to our simple guide on the latest Windows 11 update! If you've been hearing a lot about Windows 11 but weren't sure what the fuss was all about, you're in the right place. When Windows 11 first came out, not everyone was thrilled. Some thought it was too similar to Windows 10, and there were quite a few technical hiccups. But, fast forward to now, and things have changed for the better. Let's dive into what's new and why even those hesitant at first are giving Windows 11 a second look in the update 22H22. You can buy windows 11 pro with latest update in our store

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For the Gamers and Trendsetters

First off, if you love gaming or always have the latest tech, you might already be leaning towards Windows 11. In fact, among gamers on Steam, over 30% have already switched to Windows 11, and that number is growing fast. Even I, who was initially critical of Windows 11, found a lot to like when I gave it another try, especially with the slimmed-down version, Tiny11. It's not just about looking good; Windows 11 has introduced some handy features that make using your computer a smoother experience.

What's New in the Latest Update?

Let's look at what the Windows 11 2023 Update (22H2) brings to the table:

  • Starting Up: You'll notice something different as soon as you turn on your computer. The loading icon is now a single line of rotating dots. It's a small change but a neat one.
  • Safer and Smarter: Windows 11 is stepping up its security game. There's now built-in protection against phishing attempts to keep you safe online. Plus, a new feature called Smart App Control (SAC) is here to stop unsafe apps in their tracks.
  • Updates Made Easy: Ever regret an update and wish you could undo it easily? Now you can remove updates right away without digging through the Control Panel.
  • Design Tweaks: The look and feel of Windows 11 have been refined across the board. From the "Language and Region" settings to the "Time and Language" section, everything feels more cohesive.
  • Time Zone Control for Everyone: Not just for the tech-savvy anymore, anyone can now change their computer's time zone. It's a small freedom, but a nice one to have.
  • Managing Users: The options for adding new users to your PC have been streamlined. Whether you're adding a family member or setting up a work account, it's simpler now, and the "Your Microsoft Account" page has been removed for a cleaner experience.

A Few More Technical Touches

For those who like to dig a little deeper:

  • SMB1 Protocol: By default, it's off now, which means a safer system overall.
  • Windows Sandbox: Got tech skills? You'll appreciate that folders in Windows Sandbox can now handle relative paths.
  • A Fresh Look for Classic Features: Even the old-school "Run" window has a new design.

Wrapping up our dive into Windows 11's latest features, let's highlight some more improvements and changes that make the user experience even better.

  • Windows Management Instrumentation is now an optional feature, making it easier for those who need it to add it to their system.
  • Searching for default apps has been made simpler with a handy drop-down menu that appears when you start typing, guiding you right to the setting you're looking for.
  • Advanced application settings have been added under "Applications," offering more control over how your apps run and interact with your system.

A big shift has come with the removal of the traditional Programs and Features tool from the Control Panel. Now, all roads lead to the "Installed Applications" page, accessible via a direct link, making managing your apps more streamlined.

The Fonts page got a facelift to match the rest of Windows 11's style, including a bigger area for drag-and-drop, making font management a breeze.

In the realm of customization, the Taskbar settings now include options to turn off blinking app icons and to hide recent search history, helping you keep your workspace less cluttered.

For those using VPNs, it's now easier to see details of your VPN connections, and the airplane mode settings smartly remember your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi preferences for next time.

The Printers and Scanners page now provides more detailed info, making it easier to manage your devices. And multitasking gets a boost with simplified window docking options, enhancing your workflow.

Design updates in the Disk Spaces and Disks and Volumes sections align with the system's modern look, emphasizing Windows 11's commitment to an intuitive and sleek interface.

Energy efficiency has been addressed too, with default sleep and screen-off timers reduced to save on energy and emissions. Plus, Windows 11 offers tips for further reducing your carbon footprint if you tend to keep your PC on indefinitely.

Security isn't left out, with the Sound section now alerting you if your microphone access is restricted, ensuring your privacy settings are up to snuff.

Gamers, there's something for you as well. The Graphics section introduces options for optimizing windowed games, reducing latency, and enabling features like Auto HDR and Variable Refresh Rate for a superior gaming experience.

Final Thoughts

With each update, Windows 11 becomes more user-friendly, secure, and efficient, packing in features that cater to both general users and hardcore gamers. The focus on aesthetics, coupled with practical functionality improvements, showcases Microsoft's dedication to refining the user experience.

But, a word of advice for gamers looking to get the most out of Windows 11 in 2023: consider bumping up your RAM to 32 GB. This upgrade ensures smooth gameplay, even with multiple apps running in the background. Brands like Patriot offer affordable, high-quality options to get your PC where it needs to be for the ultimate gaming experience.

That's all for now! Stay tuned for more insights and updates on Windows 11 as we continue exploring what this OS has to offer in future posts. Whether you're gaming, working, or just browsing, Windows 11 is shaping up to be a solid choice for all your computing needs.


What are some key features of the latest Windows 11 update (22H2)?
Some key features include a new loading icon design, improved security with built-in protection against phishing attempts and Smart App Control, easier update management, design tweaks for a more cohesive look, time zone control for all users, streamlined user management options, and technical improvements like SMB1 Protocol settings and Windows Sandbox folder enhancements.
What are some of the design updates and customization options in Windows 11?
Design updates include a new design for the 'Run' window, a revamped Fonts page for easier font management, Taskbar settings to customize app icon blinking and search history visibility, simplified window docking options for multitasking, and modernized Disk Spaces and Disks and Volumes sections. Customization options also include advanced application settings, improved default app searching, and more control over app interactions.
How has energy efficiency been addressed in the latest Windows 11 update?
Energy efficiency improvements include default sleep and screen-off timers reduction to save on energy consumption, tips for further reducing carbon footprint, and alerts in the Sound section if microphone access is restricted to ensure privacy settings are secure.
What gaming enhancements can users expect in Windows 11's latest update?
Gamers can expect options for optimizing windowed games, reducing latency, enabling features like Auto HDR and Variable Refresh Rate for a superior gaming experience, and recommendations to upgrade RAM to 32 GB for smooth gameplay with multiple apps running in the background.