Microsoft OneNote: An Overview

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote serves as an electronic notebook, providing structured storage for various types of information. Users can organize sketches, thoughts, lectures, reference materials, and web page excerpts efficiently within this application. OneNote serves as a versatile container for storing valuable information, ensuring accessibility regardless of location through synchronization with the cloud.

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First Launch of the Application

Microsoft OneNote: First Launch

Before commencing usage, users must register and authorize their personal Microsoft account or work (school) account. Notably, the application comes pre-installed on Windows 10, while it is included in the Office suite for Windows 7 users. Upon authorization, OneNote connects to the cloud and database, facilitating seamless access to stored data.


OneNote enables users to create multiple notebooks, each comprising sections for categorizing notes by topic. The addition of new sections is simplified through the plus button feature, while sections are further organized into separate pages. For users requiring a deeper hierarchy, the option to create section groups is available. Additionally, OneNote incorporates Notes in the Fields for entries not assigned to any specific section.


Microsoft OneNote: Cross-platform

OneNote offers robust synchronization and cloud-saving functionalities, ensuring accessibility across various devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. Key capabilities include:

Interesting Facts

Some interesting facts about OneNote include:

Features and Improvements in the 2019 Version

The 2019 version of OneNote introduces several notable features and enhancements, including:

Shutdown Option

For users who prefer not to have OneNote running continuously, the option to exclude it from startup is available. However, for those who find it convenient, no changes are necessary, and OneNote can remain active for easy access to electronic notes.


Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote stands as a comprehensive tool for information organization and management, offering users a versatile platform for capturing, organizing, and accessing diverse types of information. With its intuitive interface and extensive feature set, OneNote caters to the needs of individuals and professionals alike, facilitating efficient information management and productivity enhancement


What is Microsoft OneNote?
Microsoft OneNote is an electronic notebook application that allows users to store and organize various types of information efficiently.
How do I launch the application for the first time?
Users need to register and authorize their Microsoft account or work account before using OneNote. The application comes pre-installed on Windows 10 and is included in the Office suite for Windows 7 users.
What are the key capabilities of OneNote?
OneNote offers robust synchronization and cloud-saving functionalities, note-taking capabilities, saving web pages and taking screenshots, various types of notes, and insert panel features for multimedia elements.
What are some interesting facts about OneNote?
OneNote was released in 2003, available for free since 2015 on multiple platforms, has a non-linear interface, integrates with Microsoft Teams, and offers a math assistant feature.
What are some features and improvements in the 2019 version of OneNote?
The 2019 version introduces cross-platform accessibility, unified storage of user notes, new design options, improved app navigation, cloud access for local documents, unique tagging system, enhanced cloud functionality, text recognition capabilities, and a built-in calculator.
Is there a shutdown option for OneNote?
Yes, users can exclude OneNote from startup if they prefer not to have it running continuously. However, for those who find it convenient, no changes are necessary.